Two days left! Beer shipping location closes on Wednesday August 22nd at 10pm

It’s almost time to start judging your beers, so please do everything you can to get them in our hands!

Package and drop-off your beers to the following address:

MoB Competition
52 Stevenson Avenue
Ottawa, ON, K1Z 6N1

For more information about packing and shipping, visit:

If you have already shipped a large package for your homebrew club, please consider providing us with the tracking number.

Again the Entry Deadline is Wed Aug 22 at 10pm.

Judging will begin shortly afterwards. Yes, we also believe your beer should be appreciated at peak freshness!

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  1. Joe Sym
    August 21, 2018

    Hi Folks,

    I shipped on the 12th, my package arrived in Ottawa on the 15th. My tracking info hasn’t been updated since so who knows where my package is (hopefully it arrived).

    If it is lost in space, the Tracking # is 0103436000755729


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