Attention Homebrewers! Announcing details for the Members of Barleyment and Beau’s Oktoberfest Annual Homebrew Competition – 2018 edition

The Members of Barleyment (MoB) are pleased to announce the 2018 edition of the MoB and Beau’s Oktoberfest Homebrewing Competition. The event, to be held in conjunction with Beau’s annual Oktoberfest celebration, will be from Sep 21-22, 2018.This competition is included in the 2018 Brewer of the Year circuit.

The BJCP competition grand prize winner will get to brew their own recipe at Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company at a commercial level. The winner of the People’s Choice competition will get to brew their recipe on the “pilot batch” system at Beau’s, and will have their beer sold in the retail location (as well as receive a few of their crafted beer). Along with the handsome MoB medals given to all those brewers who placed in each flight, we are finalizing additional prizes (to be announced) generously donated by our sponsors, breweries and homebrew suppliers. Details for the competition are ongoing, so visit our website regularly for updates.

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This event is two competitions in one.

The first is a BJCP-sanctioned competition:

  • All beer style categories in the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines will be accepted (Categories 1-34, excluding 34A).
  • Each brewer can submit a maximum of one entry per subcategory.

The second is a People’s Choice competition:

  • Attendees of Beau’s Oktoberfest 2018 will take part in judging your homebrew.
  • The People’s Choice judging promotes beer literacy by getting non-homebrewers to judge competition-worthy homebrew and consult the BJCP guidelines.
  • Details of People’s Choice entries will be provided in a later announcement.

Important Dates

Jul 25: Registration site opens

Aug 11: Beer drop off location will open AND last day to ship your entries to ensure they arrive on time (location to be announced).

August 22, 2018: Entry Deadline

Stay tuned. More details to follow.


  1. Julien Belliveau
    July 24, 2018


    A few questions for you:
    1 – Are non-members of MoB encouraged to submit to the competition?
    2 – Is the last day to ship entries August 11th? Details indicate August 22 is the entry deadline.
    3 – Will the beers be judged and awards on Sept 21-22 or judged before and announced on Sept 21-22 (just thinking of IPA freshness from submission to judging, that’s all!)



    • Joe Vienneau
      July 24, 2018

      Hi Julien,

      1. Non-members are absolutely encouraged to submit entries!

      2. It is very strongly recommended that you ship by August 11th so that there is time for it to arrive. That said the real deadline is Aug 22nd.

      3. The judging will occur shortly after the entry deadline



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